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Photonic Explorer,
the first radio of light

CHF500,00 CHF350,00

Ever wondered what sunlight sounds like?
With the Photonic Explorer you can convert light coming from any source, natural or artificial, into hearable sounds.

Listen to the sound effect of sunlight photons
Dive into a whole new experience of our reality. You’ll be able to reach a new level of awareness and notice how different light sources produce disturbed or harmonic sounds.


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An enlightening experience

Listening to the sound of light can be a mind-blowing experience. Synesthesia is the medical term that describes the experience of a mismatched sensorial perception. Like “hearing a color” or “seeing a sound”.
The human perception of what is real and what is not, is completely at the mercy of our limited senses.
Our eyes can only perceive a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum (what we call ‘visible light’). Our ears can only process certain frequencies in the vibration of air molecules.
It’s time to fill this gap.

How does it work?

Like a normal radio, which tunes on radio frequencies, the Photonic Explorer lets you tune on light.
Environmental light is collected and received by two photonic sensors located on the front of the Light Explorer. The information contained in each photon of light is then extrapolated and converted into a sound signal in frequencies audible to the human ear.
The Photonic Explorer is equipped with a simple amplifier that allows you to adjust the volume level according to your preferred listening experience.

The first radio of light

The Photonic Explorer is perfect for people interested in light technologies and discovering new aspects of our reality. You’ll be able to access and explore new signals from our world. Light contains so much information that we normally don’t consider at all.

You can either listen to the flow of photon effect, atmospheric wind signals that are contained in the light or just check the lightning quality of your living environment.

Explore and discover light like it’s never been possible before.


H 123mm, ⌀ 86mm
2850mAh rechargeable
Max. 5V via USB-Micro-B port
Audio output
Headphone jack and built-in speaker