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Slux for Pandemic: Cleaning Ray
UV-C Light disinfection

CHF3'000,00 CHF2'500,00

Slux does its part in fighting the pandemic.
Cleaning Ray is useful for disinfecting surfaces and rooms through a 360 degrees treatment with UV-C light.

Easy and safe to operate, Cleaning Ray is a simple but practical solution for the compliance to sanitization and disinfection practices required to control the current Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases.


Difficult times call for timely solutions

Light can have many uses. At Slux, we specialize in harnessing the properties of visible light to reach new frontiers in telecommunications.
However, at this unique time in our century, we felt called to do our part in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of this impetus came the idea of creating a practical, effective and affordable system for disinfecting and sanitizing rooms and surfaces.

How does it work?

UV-C light immediately and permanently inactivates viruses of any kind (including SARS-CoV-2 causing Covid-19). But other germs such as bacteria, pathogens or fungi can also be eliminated if irradiated correctly. UV-C disinfection is effective for surfaces, and for the ambient air.

UV-C light disinfection brings high benefits wherever you want to minimize the risk of infection with a practical, low-impact solution.

Is it safe?

UV light is highly effective but must be handled with care. The Cleaning Ray is absolutely safe to use because it’s designed to prevent accidental exposure and allow remote or programmed control. Special motion sensors detect the presence of people or pets, interrupting the disinfection cycle. The Cleaning Ray can then be programmed or managed remotely through a handy remote control.

UV radiation has been used for years in industry for the disinfection of packaging materials, air and water without any side effects.



H 1034mm, ⌀ 200mm
Operating power
230VAC 50Hz 40W
Philips TUV T8 30W (G13)
Lamp life cycle
5 motion sensors for 360 degrees coverage


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UV-C Light disinfection”

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