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A pioneer in free-space light communication

Alessandro is a young inventor with the spirit of a pioneer.
He has had the same idea since he was sixteen: to use light, his wave, to transmit data, instead of radio waves. A very clear and ambitious statement of will.
Inspired by the work of Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, Alessandro aims to continue his effort to expand the conquest of the frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum to include visible light.
“The science I deal with, is nothing but the expression of the supreme will, which aims to bring people closer together in order to help them better understand and improve themselves.”
Guglielmo Marconi
A strong belief in working in the service of a greater good drove him to found Slux while maintaining his status as an independent inventor.

The chemist who rocked data transmission

Surprisingly enough, Alessandro chose chemistry and photoreactivity for his scientific studies, rather than electronics and telecommunications.
This unconventional approach allowed him to think and conceive light in a broader sense, without reducing its definition to a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many of his inventions and patents in fact exploit properties and behaviours of visible light that are normally ignored or considered irrelevant by engineers.

It’s not black magic

The disruptiveness of Alessandro’s achievements has caused incredulity among many so-called experts in the field. There have been cases of engineers from leading Li-Fi companies dismissing Slux’s technology as ‘black magic’.
Luckily for us, magic has nothing to do with the extraordinary results achieved by our visible light transmission solutions.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

A rare bird

Alessandro was born in 1990, and from an early age he showed a keen scientific curiosity. From the functioning of clocks to the balance of nature, his interest was always accompanied by a strong sense of curiosity.

Around the age of 10, encouraged by his father Ermanno, he began experimenting with the first electronic circuits and the radio waves.

Background matters

In the second decade of his life he was introduced to the figure of Marconi who inspired him to this day. At the age of 13, he made an early attempt to obtain his amateur radio licence but had to wait until he reached the minimum age.

Until the age of 16, he was able to experiment with all kinds of electronic circuits in his own home and took his first steps into the world of chemistry and physics and even attempted to use radiation.

The first Eureka!

Alessandro has the first intuition that leads him to realise that light can be used for transmissions. After a series of attempts, he finally built the first visible light transceiver and succeeded in sending the first signal at a modest distance of 10 centimetres. Eureka!

From now on, Alessandro's goal was to improve the system to increase the distance travelled by the signal. In 3 weeks he passed the metre mark but in a few months his research took him over the 100 metre mark.

The train is now on its way and in a few years it will take him over the kilometre.

The academic path

He chose to deepen his knowledge of the world and the matter that makes it up through the study of chemistry. This is because, while physics is a broader science, he is convinced that chemistry will allow him to explore the world of the interactions of the atom in a more concrete way, closer to his experiments. A choice that is definitely out of the box.

First phone call via light

The first public experiment takes place on Lake Lugano. It is the first telephone call via light from the top of Mount Brè to the city centre, which will be widely reported in the press.

Lifi technology begins

The term LiFi was first coined to designate wireless technologies via light. It should be noted that the various worldwide researches on the subject arose independently and in parallel. Alessandro’s technology still retains special peculiarities that mark it out from the path taken by the LiFi developers.

Slux is born

Slux is incorporated in Lugano, Switzerland. From now on Slux will be the exclusive holder of Alessandro's patents and technology, while he maintains his status as an independent inventor.

The English Channel experiment

The first light transmission experiment across the English Channel. The sound signal of the Swiss national anthem is sent from Calais to Dover, with light communication.

This transmission at a distance of 33 km represents a record and marks a milestone in the development of light communication technology.

Partnerships deploy

Slux is involved in a number of events, experiments and conferences.

The first concept product

Photonic Explorer, the first concept of multi-purpose light receiver is released.

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