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+41 (0) 76 620 74 82

Let's communicate by light We are in the business of filling the spectrum gap by exploring new possibilities for wireless communication using light.
For the sake of all humankind.
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Wireless over light

Unleashing the power of light for clean wireless communication is one of the big technological challenges of our time. We did it. the world Learn More
Beyond radio frequency,
through light
Frequency allocation and spectrum management is becoming a nightmare as the need for greater bandwidth and increased network coverage is skyrocketing. by light Learn More
The essential

Light is the universal mean of communication

At Slux we work to improve the efficiency of Visible Light Communication. We developed new ways of connecting people and devices wirelessly, using multiple light sources like LEDs, light bulbs, neon tubes, plasma and even natural sunlight.

Interference free


Faster than ever


Intrinsically secure


Safe for health

Our technology

Beyond Li-Fi


The state of the art of light communication technology has limitations and flaws.
Our goal is to make it viable today.

Slide Communicate
at a longer distance
We’re all about pushing boundaries.
Our current record is 33 Km.

Slide Connect devices
around optical obstacles
Forget about light cones. We work with reflection.

Slide Exploit natural light What if we could encode data into sunlight?
Sounds like magic.
Fields of application

Swiss quality, worldwide benefits

it works!

 Our solutions and technology can improve the quality of people’s lives, by unlocking new possibilities for pervasive and efficient on-demand services.

The pioneer

Alessandro Pasquali,
founder and guide

Slux came to light as the materialization of the dream of a young pioneer.
Alessandro is a passionate and eccentric inventor whose pioneristic ideas and incredible experience make up the core of our know-how. Nonetheless, his vision is still our inspiration when it comes to providing good to the world while facing the market economy.
Photonic Explorer

Join the light revolution

Check out the Photonic Explorer, our first concept of multi-purpose light receiver.

This is just the first step.

The Photonic Explorer is designed to help people to get familiar with the idea that light can bring communications.

Listen to the sound of the sun.

Or any other light sources. The Photonic Explorer is able to receive and convert any light wave into hearable sounds.